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Boosting your PC's performance can help you improve productivity and use the latest software with out the lags and system freezes. What can you do to boost your systems performance?



The memory inside of a desktop PC is the easiest and most cost effective upgrade that can be made. TheUpgrade Your RAM to Boost Performance more memory that a PC has, the more data it can process without having to use virtual memory. Virtual memory is memory that exceeds the system RAM and is swapped to and from the hard drive in order to keep the system running. Most desktop systems shipped with the memory that was sufficient at the time of purchase, but as computer programs get more complex, they use up more system RAM.

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Hard Drives

The next easiest upgrade for a desktop PC is with the drives used for storage. Hard drive space roughly doubles ever two years and the amount of data that we store is growing just as quickly thanks to digital audio, video and pictures. If a computer is running out of space, it is easy to purchase a new internal hard drive for installation or an external drive. The main thing to be aware of with your PC is whether it uses the older IDE interface or the new SATA if you are going to install the drive inside of the computer.

CD/DVD Drives

This is probably the least expensive upgrade that can be done to a computer system. Most DVD burners can be found from around $30 for the latest models.

Video Cards

Most users will not need to upgrade the desktop video card unless they are looking for extra performance or functionality with 3D applications such as gaming. PC games advances at a very rapid pace such that new graphics boards are released about every six months.


While it is possible to upgrade a processor in most desktop PCs, the CPU can often times become costly and intricate. This is diagnosed on an individual basis to determine your hardware specs and current CPU load vs. a new processor. Contact us for details.

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