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Make your PC run like a champ

Being in computer service business for almost twenty years, MyCrazyMachine.com has gained great  reputations for its prompt and excellent services. We provide computer system upgrades to businesses and residential customers.online store

For business or personal PCs, there are several scenarios when certain computer system upgrades are  needed. First, a computer upgrade becomes necessary when it experiences some problems that are beyond repair due to obsolete parts or cost ineffectiveness. Second, new applications, software or games that have the minimum system requirements clearly exceeding the existing specifications will require PC upgrade system upgrades. Third, you want to have a computer upgrade done simply because you wish to improve your PC performance.

Business computer upgrades  in most cases can lead to the improvement of overall business performance. Our computer customization system puts you in control of your business computing environment with a timely professional quality computer upgrade services. You choose exactly how fast you'd like to go. We do the rest.

MyCrazyMachine.com can provide equally high quality home PC upgrade services to individual or business customers. When your system runs too slow, it doesn't have to slow down your lifestyle. Our quick turn around system upgrade services can do just that for you. We also take the hassle out of PC upgrade. You will pay only for the PC upgrade service you receive and our upgrade service rates as well as costs of upgrading computer parts are very competitive.

upgradeOur computer technicians are among the best in the industry, with computer upgrade experience spanning over the last 20 years of computer development and hardware expertise. Bring in your troubled computer that is ready to upgrade and let us check upgrade availabilities. We will give you advise on how to upgrade along with an free estimate on upgrade. Our technicians will make sure all new components are to be compatible with your old ones. We will go over with you your options and explain every step of the process with you in plain terms.

Most commonly seen computer system upgrades include:

PC computer upgrades how to upgrade install Upgrade motherboard and CPU. How to upgrade motherboard and CPU depends on your overall system configuration. In general, CPU and motherboard upgrades are recommended to be done at the same time to avoid potential compatibility issues. However, we will exam your computer to upgrade and determine if upgrade motherboard is needed and how to upgrade.

PC computer upgrades how to upgrade install Computer memory upgrade such as DDR upgrade. How to upgrade memory is determined by your motherboard type. A memory upgrade may also require mainboard upgrade.

PC computer upgrades how to upgrade install Storage capacity upgrade. How to upgrade the storage devices will depend on what capacity your motherboard supports. Files on existing hard drive will be transferred if possible.

PC computer upgrades how to upgrade install Video adapter upgrades. This upgrade may also require to upgrade mainboard.

PC computer upgrades how to upgrade install Upgrade bios, a simple system upgrade to ensure your PC is running in the optimized mode.